The Workshop

Core Skills is a safe small group experience. We explore case conceptualization, essential skills, and our development as therapists. Through case presentations, experiential exercises, and didactic presentations you have the opportunity to learn EFT on a deeper level.

There are four two-day sections that take place over part of the year. We will meet for approximately 12 hours over two days with a break for lunch. We ask that you commit to all four sessions. 

The trainers have taught Core Skills for many years in several states. Their different teaching styles will provide multiple ways to grasp the EFT model. Find out more about the trainers on the Presenters page.

Each of the four sections focuses on different steps of the therapy process. We will guide you through the therapeutic journey from beginning to end, providing clear information about what to do and why. Below is the basic structure of each section.

 #1 – Assessment: Steps 1 & 2

Dates to be announced, Roy or Jim

#2 – Cycle De-escalation: Steps 3 & 4

Dates to be announced, Roy or Jim

#3 – Withdrawer Re-engagement: Steps 5, 6, & 7

Dates to be announced, Roy or Jim

#4 – Blamer Softening: Steps 5, 6, & 7 cont’d.
Consolidation: Steps 8 & 9

Dates to be announced, Roy or Jim

Participants are required to have completed an EFT externship to ensure that the group has a basic knowledge of EFT. Participants must present a small sample of work via audio/videotape, Registrants will be required to declare their professional designation and vouch they are currently working with a few couples.

What does presenting your work mean? This process is not meant as a judgment of your strength or skill as an EFT therapist. It is designed for group learning, especially with the stuck places we all get into, so we look for participants to bring tapes where they need help. Our goal is to keep this experience a safe and meaningful one. The majority of the tapes are stage one, and participants generally present only once over the course of Core Skills.

We ask that you prepare about 10 minutes of video or audio, with video preferred so we can see your clients’ faces. Depending on the case, a little more or less time may be appropriate. If the audio is hard to hear, please bring a transcript. To start, you’ll do a brief summary of the case, under 10 minutes. For a sample presentation and video release form go here:

Many participants report Core Skills gave them an opportunity to connect with the EFT community. It is not uncommon for participants to create peer consultation groups that last beyond Core Skills. Come join us!